camp life

It took me about an hour to get home from university, all that time my mind had been finding new and new reasons to prove that the situation was unfair:
If we counted only those people who attended all the meetings there would be at least 12 of them. But they accepted 23 to the staff. Did the rest 11 wangle?

First time

If I were to choose an event that had the greatest influence on my life, I`d say It`s an acquaintance with Summer Physics and Mathematics School.
When I was in my 10th form I set course for entering university and except some extra Saturday classes with university professors at my own school, every Thursday and Friday we went to the nearest town to visit the so called “Winter Physics and Mathematics School”.


You may think that scientist, being more clever units of society, must be something like an educated social class with all the ensuing. Not considering private life, where a man usually either single or married but at the conferences that are held away from his home town doesn`t mind flirting with young students who take a shine to a quick promotion. It doesn`t matter how old the scientist is, whether thirty or over fifty. Seeing their social behavior it becomes clear that it is quite a usual class with no changes at all.

Let me describe you some episodes from my private archive.

The human values

For a long time I`ve been wrestling with a question: what is absolute importance for man. What can one develop forever and, in spite of all side effects of this development, get better as an individual and society unit?

When I was a child my parents thought me that being clever is the most important thing in one`s life. All the other features are on the second place. If you are clever, you are helpful for the society, the society will respond with the same, so you`ll live on Easy Street. You have to be clever, not well-read. I lived with this idea, tried to get cleverer and hoped to become a part of a clever men society. University was considered to be such a place for me, especially its scientist community. As it`s a clever men society, everything is thought-out, fair, everyone is pleased.
But Russian reality turned out to be a little different.
So it has been in Russia since the Soviet government that the majority of higher education institutions are state.


After the first grown-up equitation experience I ended up cherishing an ambition to make riding a part of my routine. It all started with Altai Mountains where I’ve been spending my holidays. For the locals, hiring their horses out to the tourists for a couple of hours is a usual way to get extra money. So I took the bait.
I got on the horse, took some instructions and went down the small wood. I liked it so much that in a week I found myself having a one-day horse tour through the Altai villages.
It was the first time I rode at a gallop and experienced the way horses love competing with each other. Coming back to my native town I started looking for an opportunity for regular horse riding.

The very first

Good whatever time of day it is where you are!

I am a Russian-of-almost-30 who has been living in São Paulo (Brazil) over the last 3 and a half years. My attempts to integrate into the local environment are of varying success, and so is the study of a new language. I came here with no money on my poker account and (how ironic it might be) with no job other than poker.

Now, for the first time in my life, I make a living playing poker, and earn more then routinely spend though Sao is not the cheapest city to reside. So, I decided to bring something to the poker community. It is supposed to be a three-language (English, Portuguese and Russian) blog, and it is the first time I am making notes in a foreign language, so, please, don’t judge me too harshly.

Well, it is supposed to be a blog of an ordinary asocial person from a little out-of-the-way place who wanted to become the smartest, but failed.